Fizzics Waytap | Untap the full taste of beer with science


One's tastebuds can judge the difference between the flavour of beer fresh from the tap and the mass production of canned and/or bottled beer. By leveraging sound waves, Fizzics Waytap coverts the beer’s natural carbonation into densely compacted, uniform Micro-Foam™ bubbles unlocking the true taste of any beer, delivering the freshest, fullest flavour like the brewmaster intended.

This Micro-Foam™ now creates a seal for the body of the beer, locking in the carbonation so the flavor stays fresh from the first sip to the last.

Place any bottle or can into your Waytap, pull down on the handle and sound waves instantly make denser bubbles, enriching texture and taste.

It's a portable and battery operated device that can be used either at home or on the go. Just perfect for any occasion.

Sorce By:Thats Magazine