Asia Designer Communication Platform

With Asian design skills attracting much international attention and the Asia-Pacific region set to become an important consumer market in the foreseeable future, the development of Asian designs will therefore continue to be of global interest. ADP was therefore recently founded and registered in Hong Kong to serve as one of Asia's leading design organizations. The mission of ADP is to establish a world-class design association and networking platform where leading designers around the world can communicate with each other and enhance the design standards in their respective regions.
ADP extends its most sincere invitation to those who meet the following criteria:
1. Designers with an industry or academic background in architecture or interior design;
2. Membership is open to all nationalities;
3. Past winner of international design award(s);
4. Had previously practiced in Asia;
5. Had previously led or took part in architecture and/or interior design-related projects in the Asia-Pacific;
6. Willing to take part in working together towards enhancing and promoting the influence of Asia-Pacific design.

Due to your international prestige, exceptional portfolio and continued prominence in the industry, you are hereby invited by ADP to become one of our consultants. Our offering will include:
1. Free lifetime membership for consultants;
2. Upon admission, we will regularly invite you to take part in speaking tours to major cities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Your expenses related to the speaking tour will be met by ADP.
3. Networking with other important international design organizations through ADP and early access to related information.
4. Enhanced networking among members through the ADP platform and regular seminars. Cooperation between senior members will also be fostered on a cultural level.

Please find attached the membership application form for consultants. Once again, we extend to your our most sincere invitation to join us in furthering the influence of Asia-Pacific design together!