"Vector Lamp" by sKY_Associative Combines a Modular Pendant Lamp System Into a Single Lighting Fixture with Interactive Lighting Effects


Principal : Kane Yanagawa 柳川肯
Design Team : Chen Charng Shin 陳長忻, Su Hsui Bai 蘇修白, Chen Szu Yin 陳思吟
Interaction Team : Chang Guo Shin 張國興, Lin Ting An 林庭安, Shi Chuen Wei 施淳暐
Collaboration : NCKU C-Hub 成大創意基地, CHIMEI_Modex 奇美新視代公司, Tainan the place hotel 台南老爺酒店

The Vector Lamp was developed by sKY_Associative in collaboration with Chimei | Nexgen for installation in the new creative commons building at National Cheng Kung University dubbed the “C-hub”. The principles behind its design were to collaboratively develop a lamp that could be fabricated by students on-site to celebrate and showcase the C-hub’s new fabrication facilities and future co-working partnerships.

The design concept for the Vector Lamp came about through the desire to combine a modular pendant lamp system developed and prototyped by Chimei | Nexgen into a single lighting fixture with interactive lighting effects supported by the Phillips 3 bulb HUE. To address the interaction of the 3 lighting sources and the merging of the lamp shade geometry, vector field analysis was used to generate the initial concept diagram to describe the movement and directionality of light from each source. The resulting vector field was then used to develop the merging lampshade and expressed as rays bursting from each bulb with each ray characteristically responding to all three light sources, creating a seamless, intersection free system.

The custom fabrication included 3d printed parts utilizing Chimei | Modex ABS and prototype Q-flex flexible materials to create reduced stress connections between components. Laser-cut acrylic parts were used to create the lighted frame and molding jig and the acrylic pipe “rays” were heat molded to form CNC milled from wood stock that is re-adapted for use as a bench (Vector Bench). The Vector Lamp is only possible through the combination of generative design methodology, custom fabrication technology, and industry collaboration.

Author : Kane Yanagawa 柳川肯