Weijenberg Talks "Crafting the Traditional through Design and Dialogue" in ADP Design Tour


Camiel Weijenberg joined Annie Ivanova, Australian International Arts Curator, and Tim Chou from Akuma Design at the Asia Design Platform Design Tour in Bangkok this month. Dedicated to promoting the global design exchange, the association aims to provide a platform for emerging designers in Asia.

Speaking about "Crafting the Traditional Through Design and Dialogue" Camiel challenged the audience to observe lateral dialogues designers apply to their work in order to create architecture that enhances the environment in which we live in. As a team of architects, designers and researchers who specialize in the application of urban design through cultural and contextual analysis, WEIJENBERG is uncompromising about this dialogue, imprinting its own distinctive brand on each of the firm's projects.

Conversations can occur between client and architect, between the landscape and site. Dialogue can speak through the traditional materials used and how these materials are sculpted using local methods or the latest technology, so that ultimately, all conversations chime together to tell one unifying story about a design.

Source : http://www.weijenberg.co/news/2017/6/21/weijenberg-talkscrafting-the-traditional-through-design-and-dialogueat-the-asia-designer-platform