Eggs Designs Studio unveils steam-bent wood furniture collection for TON


Eggs Designs Studio, which was founded by Gaia Giotti and Giona Scarselli, wanted to reference nature when designing the collection, which is made using TON's wood-bending technology.

For the chair, the supporting frame is made from solid wood intended to resemble tree trunks, while the seat and backrest are constructed from moulded plywood, described as petal-like by the designers.

"When designing, we primarily considered products that would be lightweight, rational, and – at the same time – would address the issue of TON and its connection with nature," explained Gaia Giotti.

"For us, a rational product is one that correctly balances between the inspiration and the actual production processes."

The Leaf barstool is a similar shape to the chairs, but features corners that bend down around the chair legs, instead of folding upwards into the backrest.

The rear legs are formed using TON's manual wood-bending technologies, which have been used by the brand since 1861.