'Use Your Illusions' by Page Thirty Three


‘Use Your Illusions’ is the brand new innovative collection from Page Thirty Three. The Australian creative design company took inspiration from a combination of primitive form, ancient ritual and modern living. Page Thirty Three wanted to create an idea of simple existence which is drawn from utopian ideals.

The objects are playful because they encourage a creative way of thinking in order to finish the piece. Having to assemble each piece makes it almost like a big, simple puzzle which gives the user basic childhood satisfaction from completing it. Once an object is assembled it tells a story visually. Primitive and geometric forms slide, collide, and interlock to form functional objects.

All of the pieces in the collection have a sculptural aesthetic which makes each piece more than just a utilitarian object, but a piece of art. The idea of the collection is inspired by the historic space age design, and visions of the future, from the past.

Creative director, Ryan Hanrahan describes his thought process for the designs by saying, “I love looking at how the future was forecast 50 years ago, and comparing it to how we live today. In most cases I like the alternate space age visions that I saw on the big screen, and dreamt up as a kid, much more. I think a lot of what we design comes from these childhood obsessions and play time.”

And... That's It!