Nando’s Crawley Gets a Fresh, New Look


Nando’s has been known to work with different designers to get fresh new looks for their chain of Portuguese-style chicken restaurants that began in South Africa in 1987. An existing Nando’s in Crawley, West Sussex was in need of a renovation and Block1: Design was hired to complete that.

This project marks their first with Nando and it required gutting the interior of all its finishes and seating in order to design a new layout and space. The concept pays homage to the brand’s African roots while bringing forth moments of British design.

The interior’s design looked to traditional fabrics and modern architecture and settled on the exploding woven patterns found within them. The idea is referenced in the tile patterns, lighting fixtures, banquette shapes and their fabric, along with the ceiling and wall finishes. Bright colors are mixed with neutral materials to create a cohesive and lively restaurant space.