Salt & Water’s Portable Tiny House Concept


Russian design studio Salt & Water has created a tiny house that’s designed to work within any landscape. The Tiny Eco-House is a prefabricated concept that’s only 20 square meters (215 square feet) and constructed of mostly natural materials, like wood.

The cozy interior provides a comfortable living space that includes a living area, dining room, and a kitchen, along with a bathroom and a sleeping loft.

Outside, there’s a large terrace that gives the feeling of expanding the indoor living space. When not being used, the house can be closed up to protect it from other people, animals, or weather. During the warmer months, the house opens up letting the surrounding landscape be an extension of the house.

Since it’s a prefab, it doesn’t need any additional construction, but permits for the land may be required. Once it’s delivered, it’s easy to put together.

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