Salone del Mobile 2016 – The Best of Luxury Safes


The day before the big opening of Salone del Mobile 2016, Luxury Safes gives to you an exclusive preview of the best luxury safes you’ll be able to see in Milan.

Boca do Lobo Design Studio, located at hall 3 stand H24, was created to bring excellence in furniture design. Since 2005 it strives to present its admirers with the most innovative and bespoke designs and highest quality works of art which bring emotion into their interior environments.

Treasures may come in many forms: money, books, cigars, wine, perfumes, diamonds… personal gifts we enjoy to collect. In order to preserve these treasures, Boca do Lobo Design Studio created a new and exclusive collection designed for demanding clients who possess fascinating secrets and the desire to preserve them. With Private Collection, all your treasures will be safe in your own secret place, your exclusive and unique world.

At Salone del Mobile this year, you’ll be able to see some of these luxury safes created by Boca do Lobo at hall 3-stand H24.


Bohème embodies the spirit of true adventurers who choose to live an unconventional lifestyle and aim to achieve what is accessible only to a few people. This rare and exceptional luxury jewelry safe distinguishes itself for the haute craftsmanship and hyper-refinement in its essence, following a new hyper luxury trend. With special compartments to guard luxury jewelry and precious liquors, watch winders to exhibit your timepieces and humidors for cigars, Boca do Lobo’s new luxury safe explores rarity and beauty in a contemporary way and will certainly be the star of your luxury closet.


Influenced by the California Gold Rush and the “Forty-niner’s”, the Millionaire Safe is Boca do Lobo’s most iconic luxury safe, designed and built to make and impression and deliver an unmatched experience. It’s dented top highlight the safe’s impenetrable nature, referencing the various unsuccessful vault robbery attempts throughout the Gold Rush. It’s empowering opening handle draws inspiration from Portuguese history, and the era of maritime discoveries, resembling a vessel ship’s wheel.

Also, you can have a small version of this luxury safe, which is perfect to keep your deepest secrets even more secure. Whatever happens, Millionaire endures it all with the single aim of protecting what you value the most: not only your watches – the luxury safe integrates watch winders – and jewels, but all your deepest treasures, which will be unveiled only by time itself.


Valuable watches are like diamonds. Lapidated like these precious gems, Diamond watch winder was sculpted from the finest materials in order to offer the perfect ambiance to the most valued collector watches while providing the best care for the sensitive mechanisms that automatic timepieces require.

Since 1949, Agresti manufactures jewelry boxes, armoires with safe, watch and game boxes in precious woods and high-quality workmanship. Safety, elegance, refinement are the guidelines in Agresti, that for over 60 years has been manufacturing elegant strongboxes, chests, fine furniture skillfully handcrafted, and much more. From metals to leather, from crystals to suede, from stones to brass, everything is strictly environmentally friendly handcrafted. This year, you can see this luxury safes‘ manufacturer at hall 3-stand H30.