【ADP Column】Tedx Singapore Poster Designed by Kelley Cheng


Celebrating SG50 (Singapore 50th birthday), TedxSingapore organised the biggest conference ever held here in December 2015. The Press Room was engaged to lead the creative direction of the event. The key visual was designed using 200 Instagram pictures shot in the streets of Singapore taken over the years by The Press Room's Creative Director Kelley Cheng, each and every single picture shot spontaneously, capturing the unknown sides of Singapore, presenting Singapore in a different view - The Undiscovered Country.

These pictures infill the "x' of the "Tedx", forming the key visual to be applied on various collaterals. The 200 pictures also come together to become a poster and 200 different book covers were printed, making it a talking point for conference goers who all receive a book with a different cover.

Author: Kelley Cheng