Alberto Lessan


Italy / Architectural Design
Co-founder and Principal of BLAARCHITETTURA (

Alberto Lessan, architect, was born in Cuneo (IT) in 1983. Studied in Turin, Göteborg (Sweden). He is Teaching Assistant with Contract for the Polytechnic of Turin, of Architectural Composition for Degree and Master Courses of Prof. Croset.
From 2009 to 2011 he worked in the studio MARC Michele Bonino e Subhash Mukerjee Associated Architects.
Since first years of University he collaborates in the father's Architectural Office.
In 2011 is called by the Ph.D School I.U.A.V. of Venice for an attendance within the program "City Portraits" based on the Dialogue among Rome, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Saint Petersburg and Sao Paolo.
In 2010 has been registered to the Architects Association and Istitution of the Province of Turin.
He graduated in July 2009 with Pierre Alain Croset with a thesis titled: Architectural and Urban Design of high altitude Wind Generator Kitegen within urban setting in Beijing. (co-tutors: M.Milanese, M.Bonino, G.Ambrosini.) (Published in 2010 as "Meritorious Thesis" on the Polithecnic Website). ( VIEW )
In 2008 he was selected at the International Workshop "Olympeked" which sees the collaboration of the University of Beijing Tshinghua with the Polytechnic of Turin for the reutilization of the Beijing 2008 Olympic facilities, which resulted in an exhibition at the Castello del Valentino in the OFFCongress program (UIA 2008).
In 2009 he founded PLinto_Plurality in Turin , Association run by students of the Polytechnic of Turin to promote dialogue between the Project and the City.
In 2011 he founded BLAARCHITETTURA together with Jacopo Bracco whose practice the profession in the areas of private Architecture and public Competitions.
In 2017 he won the award of Architetture Rivelate 2017, promoted by the Chamber of Architects of Turin.