Yoshihiro Arakawa


・Aichi High School Classroom High Person
・Musashino Art University Professor Assistant Representative

Work Experience
・1997-2001 Musashino Art University/Jewelry Professor Assistant Of Industrial, Interior And Craft Design
・2005-2010 Nagoya University Of Arts/Jewelry Part-time Lecturer Of Metal & Jewelry Design Course
・2010-2015 Nagoya Zokei University Of Art And Design/Jewelry Assistant Professor Of Jewelry Design Course Representative

Market Area
・Japan & TV & DVD & Books & Newspapers & Home Page & Facebook & LINE

Professional Field
・Jewelry & Metalwork & Art & All Subjects & Private Tutor & Professor

Works / Winner Awards
・Solo Exhibition [Yoshihiro Arakawa Jewelry Design Exhibition]
(Nagoya Zokei University Of Art And Design D - 2, D - 3 Gallery)
・Nagoya Zokei University Of Art And Design Professor Public Offering Number One