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Modern Decoration Magazine Publisher

[Summary] Founded in 1987, Modern Decoration Magazine Publisher (Modern Decoration Magazine) is a comprehensive media organization which owns professional printed media, electronic magazine and portals. Modern Decoration Magazine has always dedicated to developing and expanding different information products in decoration industry. Currently, we have the main media platforms as follow: the first professional interior design periodical in China which founded in 1985 and the professional media for elite design culture〞Modern Decoration, the vanward media for decoration and design〞the website of Modern Decoration www.cnmd.net and the WeChat Official Account moderndecoration.

[Modern Decoration International Media Award]

Modern Decoration International Media Award was founded by Modern Decoration Magazine Publisher in 2003 for giving awards to excellent interior design works from the perspective of media. Modern Decoration International Media Award has always insisted on presenting awards in media's perspective and adhered to the principle of profession, impartiality, fairness and openness. We have always been exerting the power of our media's public credibility, penetrability and creativity to promote the power of design creativity and influence. Modern Decoration International Media has become one of the most magnificent design feasts in Asian-Pacific region. This is the best show platform for worldwide designers to compete and communicate.