Shi-Chieh Lu


Graduating from Architecture Department of Tung-Hai University and Architectural
Association in London. Engaged in the research and development of architectural and interior design, furniture design as well as product design. Used to teach in the Graduate Institute of Architecture, NCTU, architecture departments of Tung-Hai, Shih-Chien and Ming-Chuan Universities. Writings including Forging Parallax, 2003, Space Design Thinking, 2015, Registration Form, 2015.
Projects including concept store of DOUCHANGLEE in Tiger City, Taichung (JCD Design Award 2005), Aesop in Breeze Center (JCD Design Award 2006, IFI 2007 Gold Award). Exhibitions including Taiwan Pavilion in the 11th Venice Biennial, Dark City + Eye of the City in the 6th City on the Move Art Festival. Awarded TID Award 2007-2010 as one of the top 10 interior designer in 2011. Selected as five of talented and reported on “Interior Design” (USA) 75-years special issue, 2011. Annual Top 10 Influential People of Interior Design, 2015. Poltrona Frau Award, 2015. The juror of 2016 TID AWARD. The juror of 2016 Conde International Design Award. 2017 Young Pin Design Award Spatial Design - Convenor of the jury. The juror of 2017 Conde International Design Award.


2017 Associate Professor,National Chiao Tung University Graduate Institute of Architecture
2017 Associate Professor,Department of Interior Design,Tainan University of Technology
2017 Distinguished Professor,College of Science & Technology Ningbo University
2016 CSID vice director of Chinese Society of Interior Designers
2010 Assistant Professor,National Taipei University of Technology
2009 Assistant Professor,National Chiao Tung University Graduate Institute of Architecture
2007 Lecturer,Shih Chien University Architecture Department
2004 Lecturer,National Chiao Tung Univerity Graduate Institute of Architecture
2002 Lecturer,Tung-Hai University Architecture Department
1999 Lecturer,Ming Chuan University Architecture Department
1996 Lecturer,Ming Chuan University Space Design Department
1996 CJ Studio
1994 Lecturer,Shih Chien University Interior Space Design Department
1994 Designer of Raoul Bunschoten
1993 Graduating from Architecture Association in London
1989 Graduating from Architecture Department of Tung-Hai University


CJ Studio regards architecture and design as social events not simply as a creation of art. In
other words, it is an entrance to the world as well as an endless discovery.
For this long-term discovery, every design project (whether big or small) is a precious
experience, and every project is also new venture itself. Proprietors and users have to join this
venture to seek and create a new processing system, which is a simple form that is full of
energy and potential.
Through analyzing, integrating and rediscovering that takes account of every condition
(environment, function, proprietor, foundation, historical background etc.), the order and
geometrical relationship that lies beneath the real world can be found and the past can be
connected with the future.