Level A Certification Course


Hubba-To, Bangkok, Thailand

The ADP Design Tour in Bangkok, May 24th- June 6th, 2017

Level A Certification Course

Organized by the Asia Designer Communication Platform

May 24th 2017, 14:00- 17:00, Hubba-To, Bangkok

Invited Speakers:

Camiel Weijenberg, Founder and Director at WEIJENBERG Pte Ltd
Timmy Chou, Founder and Director of Akuma Group
Annie Ivanova, International Curator



As entrepreneurs worldwide continue flocking to Asia to build companies, ADP helps members integrate cultural differences in design from both the East and the West. The Asia Designer Platform had the opportunity to help raise visibility and credibility of dozens of designers in the past year. And with a globalized approach, ADP strives to address tremendous regional opportunities and showcase the significant impact of design to the world at large.

Rationale of the Workshop

What are the challenges the designers face when expanding their business outwards? How to break into the Eastern/Western market? There are numerous international initiatives dealing with questions like this.